Rotini Twisted Stitches

3-Stitch Rotini Twists

IMG_0237These twisted stitches are less suitable for traveling stitch patterns, but it is possible to twist 3 stitches with a pair of tools. Instead of twisting every two rows, however you should only twist every 4-6 rows so the stitches have time to recover. These twisted stitches look like columns of swirled cables – or rotini macaroni! (They are shown at the end of the 3/4/16 post video.)

twistsandtuckssweater_64 copyThe gold sweater at left was worked with rotini twists, outlined by latched up tuck stitches (see previous blogs) and finished with the Judith Duffy Cabled trim (another favorite). The sweater appeared in issue #34 of Knitter’s Magazine (Spring 1994) with machine knit directions. You might be able to find a back issue of the magazine and I am hoping to re-knit the sweater one of these days (with a current yarn) and will make that pattern available as a freebie on the web site – once I find a little more free time!

In the meantime, I have included a PDF chart for the twist/tuck pattern that you can download. The original twisted the stitches every 3 rows, but I think it looks better every 4. Try it both ways and decide for yourself.

As for the tuck stitches, you can reform them at the end of every repeat or use a ribber. Because the pattern shifts from one repeat to the next, the ribber may not be much faster than latching by hand and you may find (as do I ) that the ribber gets in the way. Have fun!


Author: Susan Guagliumi

I'm a machine knitter, author, gardener and pretty good cook. I live in Connecticut with my husband, Arthur.

8 thoughts on “Rotini Twisted Stitches”

  1. Oh, Susan, this is great! Love the Rotini Twists, and the old sweater still looks super great. Love all that textural interest going on.

    1. Thanks so much! I have a long list of things I want to blog about – and include as many short videos as I can find the time to make!Do try some of these techniques on the 700 – the twisted stitches are gorgeous on standard gauge fabrics.

  2. Yipee, Susan! I just won that issue of Knitter’s Magazine—and 14 others—on eBay for $7.99 for the entire lot! Plus $6.00 shipping, of course. I was certain that there’d be a thousand people bidding for the magazine after this blog post. I’ll let you know how it goes….

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