Make-Do Needle Pushers

When I wrote More Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters, Colleen Smitherman allowed me to include her clever, clever method of making a “Make-Do Garter Bar” (MDGB). When I started knitting the sweater in the photo above I further adapted one of my MDGBs for a Make-Do Needle Pusher. If you have a copy of More-Hand Manipulated Stitches, you already have the directions, but if you do not own that book yet, I have included a PDF files of the directions with this posting.

Either side can be used for the “right” side of this fabric. The twisted ladder bars and stacked decreases create the 3-stitch eyelets that are repeated on the same needles throughout the fabric, which I chose to use sideways in my sweater.

This sweater (directions will appear in an upcoming issue of Machine Knitting Monthly) was inspired by some of the stitches in Open Spaces and is one of those fabrics that cannot be done with a lace carriage. It just requires lots of hand-manipulations and to speed up that process I simply cut out some of the prongs from my MDGB to turn it into a MDNP!!

Removing some of the prongs made it easy-peasy to select every 6th needle and I only needed to make two selections to work my way across the bed with this long needle pusher.